Marchesi Torrigiani

Marchesi Torrigiani


Marchesi Torrigiani Vinters Since 1280

Marchesi Torrigiani Wines is nestled in the heart of Florence, located above the Elsa river near Poggibonsi, about 27km north of Siena. The vineyards face a broad panorama, southwest through northwest. The principal varietals are Sangiovesi, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot with smaller lots of Colorino, and Petit Syrah.

Currently the vineyard produces 3,000-3,500 cases per year. The only product coming to the United States is going to Chicago and Denver through the family-run importer, based in Denver.



The Torrigiani family joined the world of wine in 1280 when their ancestor Ciardo Torrigiani, who became a member of the Vinter's Guild in that same year, opened a thriving business in Florence that developed successfully in Italy and then throughout Europe.

Since the thirteenth century, this 100 plus acre property, located in the town of Vico D'Elsa just north of Siena, has been owned by the Torrigiani family. Despite the estate's lengthy history, the current Marchesi is a modern businessman, and with the aid of winemaker Luca D' Attoma, is currently striving to be among the leaders of Tuscan winemaking.


The vineyards of Marchesi Torrigiani Wines are located in a sort of no man's land between the Vernaccia vineyards of San Gimignano and Chianti Classico. The makeup of the soil in this area is very typical of the Florentine hills, containing erinaceous and calcareous components that originally came from the sea, as well as clay elements typical of the rougher Sienese territories.( They are actually ancient sea beds, heavily embedded with petrified seashells.)

The shells are visible and quite palpable, ranging in size from tiny, pencil eraser-size to half a foot in diameter. These two elements combine to make for exceptional drainage, and with strong southern exposure, promote rare and optimal evaporation and thus intense character.

Although the vineyards get maximum exposure to the sun in early spring and fall, breezes from the Mediterranean Sea cool the vines during the hottest part of the summer resulting in consistent fruit maturation.

At harvest time, the breezes bring the cool air to the vines at precisely the right time, which brings us the intense varietal character at harvest. This unique microclimate and soil chemistry have allowed the winemaker to plant the proper varietals in the best possible location on the Estate taking advantage of the different sun angles and leaf temperatures. This microclimate is highly unique and exists in very few places in Italy.

Fermentation / Extraction

Fermentation is done in the old-world style using concrete borne of stone. This substance allows for temperature consistency, avoiding fluctuations (hot and cold spots) in the process which can alter the best vintage. The old stone/concrete fermenters consistently maintain temperatures of 25-28° C during fermentation. After fermentation, wines are put in small French barrels for settling, All berries are hand picked and all juice is free run. Free run juice comes from a small hopper, thus minimizing fruit pressure. Extraction comes from pumping over the cap daily.


Cellaring and aging the wines used three different types of French oak. Each type of oak matches up the size of wood pores with the type of wine, thus using more surface area for varietals that need extra wood tannins for the ultimate marriage. All aging spans roughly 14-16 months.


Marchese Torrigiani D.O.C.G.Marchesi Torrigiani Chianti


Varietal Blend: Sangiovese 70%, Canaiolo 20%, Colorino 10%
On the nose: Spicy with dark cherries and strawberries
On the palate: Exceptional structure with soft and alluring tannins. This wine has flavors of dried cherries and macerated raspberries.
Pairings: Bolognaise sauce, grilled and smoked meats, and polenta with Italian herbs.

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Marchese Torrigiani Torre de CiardoMarchesi Torrigiani


Varietal Blend: Sangiovese 75%, Canaiolo 15%, Merlot 10%
On the nose: Fruit forward with hints of plum, strawberry, and green bell pepper.
On the palate: Silky, balanced tannins round out the jam and vanilla undertones. This wine delivers a nice, full mouth-feel and a balanced finish.
Pairings: A big juicy steak, lasagna, and rich sauces.

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Marchesi Torrigiani GuidaccioGuidaccio


Varietal Blend: Sangiovese 60%, Merlot 20%, Cabernet Sauvignon 20%
On the nose: Aromas of sweet spices like canela, ginger, nutmeg spice, and chocolate.
On the palate: Spices and dried cherries sustained by delicate tannins and a rounded finish. This wine is elegant and charming.
Pairings: Prime rib, ham dishes, and leg of lamb.

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